Oracle/ Past Life Readings

The tarot is a system of symbols and pictures. Out of the 56 tarot cards, there are 16 cards which are the kings, queens, and knights , they represent the people in our lives and also our attitudes and personalities. The other cards are divided into cups, wands, swords and pentacles. The cards are viewed as the big things in our life that are out of our control. They can be interpreted as our environment that we are influenced by and/or as the internal changes that we experience as individuals.
A Past Life Reading is to see more intuitively, review your incarnations & provide information about you. Lifetimes emphasized in the session are relevant to your current life & help make sense of present time experiences & beliefs. Past lives are used as opportunities to heal, transform & to help you get clearer about your current life path. The session stimulates growth & has a positive impact on you now.
Oracle cards, are cards used for divination, fortune-telling, astrology and spiritual guidance. Oracle cards are useful for anyone looking for answers and meaning.

Hours are flexible, please call for appointment, and I am able to travel throughout the Southeastern region of Wisconsin.

Stay tuned for updates on workshops and events. Contact me using the contact form on the site for tarot and past life readings in West Bend or the Washington/Ozaukee County, WI areas or to get started.