Home Cleansing/Blessing/Transitional aftercare

Home cleansing/blessing
A home cleansing and or blessing involves a cleansing of any negative energies that exist within the household or on the property.

Transitional services are not grief counseling. Transitional services is the next phase after grieving. It is the next step necessary to restore you to your most optimal health n wellness. This may include helping box memorabilia, smudging the immediate living area weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Transitional services are the next phase in total recovery. through prayer and guidance…. And learning to cope and overcome the challenges of letting go and moving forward and feeling renewed. Transitional services are not a source of counseling but rather a healing to the next phase of living life to the fullest. Transitional services help to integrate you to move forward in finding hope and meaning within life. transitional services are not a lifetime program. Transitional services are a temporary service provided to help you break free from grieving/loss and become more independent.

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